Here is a summarized version of Wilma's Curriculum Vitae. Please contact her directly for a more formal version of her CV.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(2011 - 2016) PhD in Brain and Cognitive Sciences

University of Tokyo
(2010 - 2011) Visiting research exchange student

Yale University
(2005 - 2010) BA in Cognitive Science (focus in Artificial Intelligence), summa cum laude, distinction in the major


Brain Bridge Lab, University of Chicago
(2020 - ) Assistant Professor

Laboratory of Brain and Cognition, National Institute of Mental Health
(2016 - 2019) Postdoc; Adviser: Chris Baker

Computational Perception & Cognition Laboratory, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(2011 - 2016) PhD Student; Adviser: Aude Oliva
              Neuroscience (fMRI) and psychophysics of memorability and object perception.
              Refer to: Bainbridge et al. (2013). The intrinsic memorability of face images.

Jouhou System Kougaku Laboratory, the University of Tokyo
(2010 - 2011) Visiting Research Student; Adviser: Masayuki Inaba
             Methodologies for human biosignal measurement in human-robot interactions
             Cultural comparison of Japanese and US humanoid robotics research perspectives
             Refer to: Bainbridge et al. (2012). A methodological outline... of sensor-based biosignal measurement in human-robot interaction.

Social Robotics Laboratory, Yale University
(2005 - 2010) Undergraduate Research Student; Adviser: Brian Scassellati
             Effect of presence on human-robot interaction
             Senior thesis on generating artificially intelligent Facebook profiles
             Refer to: Bainbridge et al. (2010). The benefits of interactions with physically present robots over video-displayed agents.

Visual Neuroscience Laboratory, Yale University
(2007 - 2010) Undergraduate Research Student; Adviser: Marvin Chun
             Neural mechanisms of memory updating and forgetting (with Brice Kuhl)
             Attention and perception of multiple visual objects (with Yaoda Xu)
             Refer to: Kuhl, Bainbridge, & Chun. (2012) Neural reactivation reveals mechanisms for updating memory.

Laboratory of Neuropsychology, National Institutes of Mental Health
(Summer 2008, 2009) Summer Research Intern; Adviser: Richard Saunders and Mortimer Mishkin
             Effect of muscarinic receptor antagonists on the visual short term memory of rhesus macaques
             Refer to: Janita Turchi, Richard C. Saunders, Mortimer Mishkin. Effects of Cholinergic Deafferentation of the Rhinal Cortex on Visual Recognition Memory in Monkeys. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Vol. 102, No. 6 (Feb. 8, 2005), pp. 2158-2161.

Comparative Cognition Laboratory, Yale University
(2006 - 2007) Undergraduate Research Student; Adviser: Laurie Santos
             Cognitive dissonance in capuchin monkeys (with Louisa Egan)
              Refer to: Louisa C. Egan, Laurie R. Santos, Paul Bloom. The Origins of Cognitive Dissonance: Evidence From Children and Monkeys. Psychological Science, Vol. 18, No. 11 (2007), p. 978-983.

Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory, University of Maryland College Park
(2004) High School Research Intern; Adviser: Douglas Oard
             Created the computer interface for the Multilingual Access to Large Spoken Archives (MALACH) project that can generate a searchable map and timeline for each of the over 52,000 people in the Shoah Visual History Archive.
              Refer to: Bainbridge et al. (2005) An interface to search human movements based on geographic and chronological metadata.

Research Activities

Open Mind
2024- Associate Editor

National Science Foundation
2023, 2024 Ad-hoc Review Panelist

National Institutes of Health
2023 Ad-hoc Review Panelist

Memory & Cognition Special Issue on Drawing as a Means to Quantify Memory and Cognition
2022- Guest Editor

Journal of Experimental Psychology: General
2020- Associate Editor

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship Program
2021- Subject Matter Expert

Memory Disorders Research Society (MDRS)
2020- Member

Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience
2020- Consulting Editor

Vision Sciences Society
2020- Abstract Review Committee Member

Society for Neuroscience
2017 Nanosymposium Chair on "Memory Retrieval".

NIH Postbac Poster Day; NIH Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium
(2017 - ) Postdoctoral Judge

Montgomery County Science Fair
(2017 - ) MIT Alumni Association Community Judge

Brain Topography
(2017 - ) Review Board Member

Reviewed for: (Publons Reviewer Profile) eLife; PNAS; Psychological Science; Nature Communications; Journal of Neuroscience; NeuroImage; Cerebral Cortex; Journal of Experimental Psychology: General; Trends in Cognitive Science; Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics; Neuropsychologia; Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition; Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience; Cognition; Journal of Vision; Psychonomic Bulletin & Review; Memory; Journal of Cognitive Psychology; Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology; British Journal of Psychology; Royal Society Open Science; ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction; PLOS ONE; ACM Transactions of Interactive Intelligent Systems; International Journal of Human-Computer Studies; Cognitive Neurodynamics; Scientific Reports; Vision Research; Cognitive Science Society Conference; Czech Science Foundation; Transactions on Biomedical Engineering; Computational Brain & Behavior; Aphasiology; Frontiers in Human Neuroscience; Science Advances; Perception; Translational Neurodegeneration; Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance; Behavioral Research Methods; Poland National Science Centre; Scandinavian Journal of Psychology; Frontiers in Psychology; Neurocase; Cortex Communications; Cognitive Research: Principles and Implications; Learning & Memory; Collabra: Psychology; Israel Science Foundation; Consciousness & Cognition; Cognitive Development


Please refer to my publications page.

Teaching & Work Experience

PSYC 26010: Big Data in the Psychological Sciences, University of Chicago
(Spring 2024, 2022, Winter 2021) Assistant Professor

PSYC 42570: Integrating the Real World with Memory and Perception, University of Chicago
(Fall 2020) Assistant Professor

PSYC 42350: Advanced Topics in Human Neuroimaging, University of Chicago
(Fall 2023, Winter 2022, Fall 2020) Assistant Professor

NeuroMatch Academy
(Summer 2020) Mentor

PSYC 37300: Experimental Design I, University of Chicago
(Winter 2024, 2022, Spring 2020) Assistant Professor

SOSC 14200: Mind I, University of Chicago
(Winter 2024, 2022, 2021, 2020) Assistant Professor

MIT Middle East Education through Technology (MEET) Summer Program
(Summer 2016) Technology Instructor; MIT-MEET Website

Introduction to Psychology (9.00), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Spring 2016) Teaching Assistant; Professor: John Gabrieli

Introduction to Psychology (9.00), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Spring 2015) Teaching Assistant; Professor: John Gabrieli

Functional MRI of the Human Brain (9.71), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Fall 2013) Teaching Assistant; Professor: Nancy Kanwisher

Laboratory in Visual Cognition (9.63), Massachusetts Institute of Technology
(Fall 2012) Teaching Assistant; Professor: Aude Oliva

English for Engineers and Scientists, University of Tokyo Engineering
(2010 - 2011) Teaching Assistant; Professor: Kumiko Morimura

English Tutor for Japanese businesspeople (Tokyo)
(2010 - 2011) Company: ICHWay

English Tutor for Japanese businesspeople (Kyoto)
(2008 - 2009) Company: Foreign Instructors Center of Japan

The Center for Hellenic Studies, Harvard University
(2005 - 2007) Summer Library Assistant

Fellowships & Grants

Mapping Inner Worlds: Representational Spaces and Mental Life
(2023-) Scialog: The Molecular Basis of Cognition

EAGER: Characterizing the intrinsic memorability of voices
(2023-) National Science Foundation

The neural and behavioral causes underlying differences between visual perception and memory
(2022-) National Eye Institute (National Institutes of Health)

F.J. McGuigan Early Career Investigator Research Grant on Understanding the Human Mind
(2022) American Psychological Foundation

College Curricular Innovation Fund Award
(2020) University of Chicago

National Defense Science & Engineering Graduate Fellowship (NDSEG)
(2012 - 2015) In Cognitive, Neural, and Behavioral Sciences.

National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship
(2012) Offered Award (but declined). In Psychology - Cognitive Neuroscience.

Norman B. Leventhal Presidential Fellowship, MIT
(2011 - 2012) Year of funding for PhD research at MIT

Fox International Fellowship
(2010 - 2011) Full-funding for year long research at the University of Tokyo as a Visiting Exchange Student

Gordon Grand Fellowship, Yale University
(2010 - 2011) Additional full-funding for year long research at the University of Tokyo

Richard U. Light Fellowship, Yale University
(2008 - 2009) For year-long Japanese study at the Kyoto Consortium for Japanese Studies (Columbia University & Kyoto University).

Richard U. Light Fellowship, Yale University
(Summer 2007) For summer Japanese study at Princeton in Ishikawa (Princeton University).


Fellowship in Neuroscience
(2024) Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

APS Rising Stars Award
(2023) Association for Psychological Science

Fellow Award for Research Excellence
(2018) National Institutes of Health

OHBM 2016 Merit Abstract Award
(2016) For "Spatial and Temporal Signatures of Memorability in the Brain"

Walle Nauta Award for Continuing Dedication to Teaching
(2016) For teaching assistantships at the MIT Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Best Poster Prize, CSAIL Student Workshop
(2014) For "Memory at first sight -- Patterns of memorability in the human brain"

Angus MacDonald Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, MIT
(2013) For teaching assistantship in Laboratory in Visual Cognition (9.63)

Best Poster Prize, CSAIL Student Workshop
(2013) For "The intrinsic memorability of face photographs"

Best Poster Prize, ENS/INRIA Visual Recognition and Machine Learning Summer School
(2013) For "Modifying the memorability of face photographs"

First Place, The Mid-Atlantic ADA Center's Web Accessibility Award
(2004) For my work on a video game glitch database website, the Center for Glitch Studies

Volunteer & Academic Organizations

Yale Alumni Schools Committee
(2014 - ) Undergraduate Applications Interviewer

Language Conversation Exchange (LCE) Coordinator, MIT
(2016) Graduate Community Fellow. An organization to arrange language exchanges and promote foreign language learning at MIT.

Brain and Cognitive Science Graduate Advocates, MIT
(2014 - 2016) Co-founder and chairmember. An organization to promote graduate student advocacy and community in the department.

MIT GradRat (Official MIT Graduate Ring Organization)
(2012 - 2016) Committee member, co-chair of the organization from 2014.

Sigma Xi (scientific research society)
(2012) Associate Member of the MIT Chapter

Phi Beta Kappa (honors society)
(2009) Member of the Yale Chapter, second recruitment

Psi Chi (psychologyhonors society)
(2008) Member of the Yale Chapter

The Light Fellowship Student Advisory Committee
(2009 - 2010) Secretary of the committee

The Yale Japanese American Students Union
(2006 - 2010) Member. Social chair from 2006 - 2008.

The Yale Film Society
(2005 - 2010) Member. Executive Board from 2006 - 2009, Treasurer for 2009

Silver Quill Literary Magazine, Montgomery Blair High School
(2003 - 2005) Member. Arts editor for 2003 - 2004, Editor-in-Chief for 2004 - 2005. Magazine winner of several national awards.

Other Skills & Activities

CPR AED Trained
(2016 -) Certified for CPR by the American Heart Association

Wilton Cake Decoration certification
(2015) Have completed all courses of the Wilton School of Cake Decoration

Non-human primates research
(2007 - 2009) Trained and certified for research with capuchins and rhesus macaques.

TIPS International Bartending License
(2010 -) Trained as a bartender for Yale University reunion events and the MIT Thirsty Ear Pub

Languages: Japanese (fluent), French (high intermediate, 4 years), Korean (intermediate, 3 years), Mandarin (high beginner, 2 years), Modern Standard Arabic (middle beginner, 1 year), Spanish (<1 year), American Sign Language (<1 year).

Programming: Java, MATLAB, LISP, Perl, HTML, Prolog, Scheme, Pascal, BASIC, studying Python, bash.

Software: BrainVoyager, AFNI. SPSS, Solidworks, Microsoft Office