Outside of research, Wilma has various other hobbies including baking, movies, and rock music.
Here are some projects she has been working on for fun. At the moment these are all on hold because she has some serious work to do...

  • The Source for Japanese Indie Info - A blog that provides English-speaking audiences with introductions to Japanese independent artists, and information on new releases and US tours.
  • Reset - Wilma has subtitled all of the episodes of the Japanese TV show Reset; a psychological drama about how people would change their lives if they were given the chance to redo a part of it. The show had never been subbed, so Wilma's subbing was able to bring it to an English-speaking audience. It had over 9000 views, but is now down because the original host went commercial (:-(). Recently, she helped a large crowdfunded project to subtitle episodes of the popular Japanese reality show Terrace House.
  • Center for Glitch Studies - Prior to this current website, Wilma made several other websites as freelance work and for fun. Her favorite project was a website dedicated to collecting lists of video game glitches. It went down once games went online and could get regular patches to fix glitches.