Memory Drawing Data and Scoring Experiments

Example drawings done from memory
Please cite: Bainbridge, W.A., Hall, E.H., & Baker, C.I. (in press). Highly diagnostic and detailed content of visual memory revealed during free recall of real-world scenes. Nature Communications.

This is a collection of drawing data and experimental scripts associated with the above paper. The experimental scripts could be used to objectively judge your own drawings from your experiments! This data includes:

  • 2,600+ drawings of scene images from 4 different conditions - drawing from delayed memory (after 10 minutes), drawing from immediate memory (right after studying the image), copying the image, and drawing a schema from the category name.
  • LabelMe annotation data indicating the outlines of the objects in all the original scene stimuli.
  • Drawing scoring experimental scripts to be used on Amazon Mechanical Turk to score the object detail, spatial detail, and errors in the drawings.

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