Psytoolkit Psychophysics Scripts

Example experiment made by the visual search script
Please cite: Bainbridge, W.A. (2017). The resiliency of memorability: A predictor of memory separate from attention and priming. arXiv.

This is a collection of scripts of classical psychophysical studies written for Psytoolkit, an open-source, easy to use tool for creating online and offline psychophysical experiments. These were originally meant for assessing the relationship between image memorability and attention and priming effects, but can be easily adapted for any sort of task or set of stimuli.

These include:
  • - A Directed Forgetting Task
  • - A Depth of Encoding Task
  • - A Simple Memory Test
  • - A Perceptual Priming Task
  • - A Spatial Cueing Task
  • - A Visual Search Task

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